Adobe Integration Checklist

This is a simple, but not exhaustive, checklist of what to think about when it comes to integrating your Adobe products. It’s split out based on each product, so there’s a bit of repetition, but I wanted to make it easy regardless of what your product focus is

#1 AEM

Launch Integration
- create an IMS configuration using Adobe I/O, which then means you can link your AEM instance with your Launch property

Target Integrations
- create Experience Fragments in AEM, which can then be utilised directly via the Target VEC
- connect Assets with Target via Scene7, allowing for use of content in Target activities
- integration with Target to allow for activities to be run entirely within the AEM UI

Campaign Integration
- create Campaign Templates in AEM, which can be used as delivery templates in Campaign

#2 Analytics

Audience Manager
- server-side forwarding pushes Analytics hits into AAM

Core Service
- complex Analytics segments can be shared with other products for activation purposes
- raw hit data can be used to create segments, which can be consumed by other Adobe products for next page personalisation

- the Triggers service lets you trigger Campaign activities based on user behaviour tracked in Analytics

#3 Target

- utilise Analytics 4 Target to provide maximum flexibility in terms of reporting on activity performance

#4 Campaign

- share Campaign KPIs with Analytics through a simple workflow
- include declaredID in e-mail links to create a more holistic view of the customer

Core Service
- share Campaign data with other Adobe products via Customer Attributes

#5 Audience Manager

- share data back with Analytics via Report Suite destinations

- server-side forwarding integration allows for data to be utilised by Target

Needless to say, there are a lot more integrations that are available, particularly when you start to consider the extensibility that Adobe IO Runtime (Project Firefly) gives Adobe customers. That said, this should serve as a useful list so that you can make sure that you’re getting the full value out of your Adobe stack.

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